Catholic Journal Prompts: Holy Family Edition


The Holy Family of Nazareth is the model par excellence of family life.  With so many questions about the true nature of family life running through the news and the culture, reflecting on God’s design for family has never been more critical. This edition of Catholic Journal Prompts features reflections on the Holy Family and how their example can serve as a guide for all families.  As always, each edition of Catholic Journal Prompts features journal starters based on the Scriptures, the writings and lives of the Saints, as well as other personal reflections and a list of resources for further study and meditation.  Click here for other editions of Catholic Journal Prompts. Journal Prompts From the ScripturesChapter 1 of Matthew’s Gospel begins with the genealogy of Jesus – starting all the way back from Abraham and tracing Jesus’ lineage down to Joseph, his foster-father. A careful reflection Jesus’ family tree reveals some rather unseemly characters. Like the Lord, our family tree may be filled with the good and the bad.  Reflect on your own family lineage. List the good traits and qualities that have been passed down to you from your ancestors and thank the Lord for them.  Likewise, list the bad habits and sinful tendencies which you may have received from your family and repent of them.  Jesus’ birth story, recounted in Luke 2 was a mixture of great joy experienced under extreme duress. Reflect on your own birth story or that of your children. Thank and praise God for the joy of new life, given to us through Him. If there were moments of stress, struggle, or heartache during these births, journal the pain you felt and invite the Holy Family into these moments.  They understand, like no other, the pain of bringing a child into the world in less


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