Family Life

3 Easy Things Every Dad Should Be Doing

By Adam Minihan | August 28, 2016

Full disclaimer, I am a “new dad”.  I don’t have 5, 10, or 15 years of experience under my belt. I have 4 children, a 3 year old son Luke, a 1.5 year old son Jude, one baby in heaven, and one baby on the way! I am constantly learning how to be the best…

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Enjoy the #RealDadMoments

By Adam Minihan | June 13, 2016

Every so often a big company or corporation hits the nail on the head with a video advertisement that shows a profound respect for life. It’s not that these companies are pro-life per se, but they have the big budgets to produce the kind of video that will easily move hearts when it’s seen. This…

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Baptism and the Domestic Church

By Adam Minihan | January 20, 2016

The routine and ritual of the Sunday mornings of my childhood are forever etched into my memory. My siblings and I looked forward to Saturday night sleepovers at my Italian-immigrant Grandmother’s house and on Sunday morning we awoke to the smell of frying meatballs and simmering sauce. Hand in hand, we walked with my Grandmother…

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Family Resources Book Giveaway

By Adam Minihan | January 1, 2016

Let’s face it – family life is tough. Most days in my house are a far cry from the perfection of the Holy Family and resemble an episode of “Leave it to Beaver” gone south.  Parenting is hard work and having resources that can help parents through the challenging times is a great asset. I’m…

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7 Ideas for Giving Your Children a Vocations’ Mindset

By Adam Minihan | November 4, 2015

November 1-7, 2015 is National Vocations Awareness Week – a week, according to the USCCB website “dedicated to promote vocations to the priesthood, diaconate and consecrated life through prayer and education…”  In celebration of this week, here are some ways my family fosters an openness to a religious vocation in our domestic church.  1. Talk. talk.…

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Catholic Journal Prompts: Holy Family Edition

By Adam Minihan | October 13, 2015

The Holy Family of Nazareth is the model par excellence of family life.  With so many questions about the true nature of family life running through the news and the culture, reflecting on God’s design for family has never been more critical. This edition of Catholic Journal Prompts features reflections on the Holy Family and…

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I Live in a Factory

By Adam Minihan | September 28, 2015

Last week was a rough one. Our homeschool was just two weeks into the back to school torture, ahem, routine that occurs every September and already I found myself out of patience, out of energy, and out of gas…literally.  Turning the ignition key of my car early one morning as my kids loaded their backpacks for our once-a-week co-op, I glanced…

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Practice What You Teach

By Adam Minihan | June 3, 2014

My family and I were blessed this past weekend to attend the Ordination to the Transitional Diaconate in our Diocese. A young man, whose journey to the priesthood we have been privileged to witness and be part of, was being ordained along with three other men. The Ordination Mass was just heavenly. There was so…

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Mass Attire

By Adam Minihan | December 13, 2017

This post was written by a guest blogger and Council of Man member, Rich Lamm. You…

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Be a joyful man by The Catholic Man Show

By Adam Minihan | December 13, 2017

On Being a Joyful Man by The Catholic Man Show Want happiness? Eat bacon! But…

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