A chance to do a work of mercy


A friend of our family passes this along on behalf of a friend of his:
My name is Max Neff Warner, I was born and raised in seattle and am currently going to college just north of the city.  My best friend is Daniel Mar, and its been that way for as long as I can remember, we had our first jobs together as paper delivery boys in elementary school, I don’t remember a family vacation in which he wasn’t involved, and essentially lived at his house every weekend for most of my childhood.  We are both 20 years old now and a little under two years ago he was diagnosed with ewings sarcoma which is a type of bone cancer, after a year of chemotherapy, radiation and an intense surgery he was finally declared to be cancer free.  For 6 months we celebrated and were excited to put this in our past.  About two weeks ago we found out the cancer had returned and had spread to his lungs, the doctors said he has about a year to live.  So before he comes back and starts his treatment, we are going to take a trip to europe.  This is something we had talked about since we were kids, everyone wants to travel the world with their best friend, they just normally have a little more time to do it.  This is my last chance to have an adventure with my best friend which is why I am starting this campaign. I want to take myself, daniel, both of his parents and his brother
I need to raise $22,,000 in contributions to help pay for Our families trip, just over $14,000 for all airfare between the the countries, as well as on average $270 a night for hotels, we will be spending


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