You can help Sr. Julia get kids an education:Maryknoll Sister Julia Shideler has been teaching in the small Pacific island nation for the past six years. As she watched her students graduate from high school — a significant accomplishment for children of subsistence farmers — she knew that even for the brightest, college was out… Read More

Simcha Fisher has the story of a woman who, after 17 years of marriage and six kids, was ditched by her husband (who is lawyering up and trying to reduce her to penury).  Now, on top of that, she needs major surgery.  If you can help her, you’d be helping Christ.… Read More

Many of my readers know of the Lenaburg family:They have borne stunning and heroic witness to the dignity of human life in their care for their daughter Courtney.  You can read their story over at their blog.  Anyway, when it rains, it pours and they have had a plumbing catastrophe that is going to cost… Read More

So this past summer, a gung-ho filmmaker named Don Johnson (no, not the Miami Vice guy) bopped around the country doing interviews with a whole bunch of converts (including Yr. Obdt. Svt in my back yard):Now he is asking for help for funding the next phase of the project. He only needs $27,000, which is… Read More

A reader writes:Some of you have already chipped in, but in case you didn’t see it- one of my husband’s college students needs a laptop. 10-15 of us could make this happen easy.Can you help?Lord, hear our prayer and provide the funding for this person through Christ our Lord.  Amen!Another reader writes:A former music teacher… Read More

A reader writes:A local homeschool family here is raising funds to adopt a special needs child.  This is the link to their fundraising site:Help Rita come Home. (the Erb family)It’s today’s shot at making some love happen!… Read More

This just landed in my mailbox:I’m writing to let you know about a special project my wife and I are working on titled “Catching Faith.” It’s a faith-based film featuring Bill Engvall and many other talented cast members. The story starts with a family who puts their social standing within their community above their own… Read More

Wrenchingly beautiful:Best part: You can help it happen again many, many times by helping to provide 20 million blind children and adults with a simple, inexpensive surgery that takes as little as 15 minutes and costs a paltry $300!Want to be part of the miracle of giving sight to the blind like Jesus?Support 20/20/20.… Read More

A reader writes:PRAYER REQUEST FOR SERVICE DOG FOR DISABLED, POOR LADY:I have severe PTSD and my doctor wants me to have a service dog. Although there are several agencies that give trained service dogs to military veterans, there is nothing for other people who have seen a different kind of life-threatening battle, torture, brutality and… Read More

A reader writes:Could you ask your readers to consider helping this family, I only know them through her blog via, but I’ve followed her story for years and it is nearing the sorrowful, glorious, joyful luminous end for their daughter, and any comfort we could bring via prayers and material sacrifice, would be an… Read More