January. Just the mere mention of it brings forth images of dark mornings, cold days, ice and snow (at least for those if us living in the Northeast.) Regardless of your climate, January means an end to the holidays and festivities of December. Houses are stripped of their lights and decorations, diets have begun, family has gone home and everyone has settled back into the ho-hum of everyday life.Same old, same old is the way I would describe my January so far. My kids are back into their homeschooling routine and in doing my mid-year assessment of where we are vs. where we should be, I was dismayed to find out that summer vacation is a long, long way off, both from a calendar perspective and a work-load perspective. The scale tells me I had a few too many cookies during Christmas vacation and I can’t seem to get my house back in order after the holidays (yes, we are the only house on the block with Christmas lights still on.) To say my mood is less than ideal would be an understatement – is it SAD, or a case of the winter-blues, or a lack of exercise and fresh air?  Who knows for sure? What I do know is that “same old, same old” and “ho-hum”, and “blah, blah, blah” run in direct opposition to the Good News that God reveals about himself in the scriptures. And when my life runs in direct opposition to that Good News, I know it is time to hit the reset button, spiritual speaking.Last Saturday while spending some much-needed time in Adoration, I picked up my Bible and turned to one of my favorite scriptures – one I am especially fond of when the going is not so great – Isaiah 43.  This