The peace of the body then consists in the duly proportioned arrangement of its parts. The peace of the irrational soul is the harmonious repose of the appetites, and that of the rational soul the harmony of knowledge and action. The peace of body and soul is the well-ordered and harmonious life and health of… Read More

There is no doubt, St. Augustine of Hippo is one of the most well known Doctors of the Church. His writings have inspired Christians from all ages. Why is this so? Why do so many Christians and non-Christians gravitate to his writings? St. Augustine was no doubt a genius. However, like other Doctors of the… Read More

January. Just the mere mention of it brings forth images of dark mornings, cold days, ice and snow (at least for those if us living in the Northeast.) Regardless of your climate, January means an end to the holidays and festivities of December. Houses are stripped of their lights and decorations, diets have begun, family… Read More