…there have been a lot of changes. Of course, our first move was to introduce liturgical freestyling and beatboxing (as we saw here).But in addition, we have now obtained the services of Michael Voris as our Obedient Servant.Michael (seen here swearing an oath of undying obedience to Our Person)…… will soon put his gifts and talents to work to helm a film version of the life of Patrick Madrid we have long dreamed of making.The tentative title is Behind the ‘Stache: Re-Birth of a New Evangelist.  It will  tell the timeless tale of the storied slumdog millionaire Catholic apologist, from his humble beginnings as a street urchin in the seamy rough and tumble neighborhoods of San Diego, through his years as a trick-riding, sharpshooting, circus clown in Argentina, to his slide into chocolate abuse, to his dramatic re-conversion after a providential encounter with Karl Keating at a San Diego Community College Lute-making workshop.  Starring Tom Selleck as Patrick Madrid, the members of ZZ Top as Jimmy Akin (during different phases of his life), and Terry O’Quinn as Karl Keating and written by  Barbara Nicolosi as part of her community service for her unfortunate berserker rage during a screening of Noah, the film will show the triumph of the human spirit as Pat overcomes many challenges to win the Vatican City Idol competition.  Join us as we relive that electric moment of his performance of “The Candy Man”, his tearful reconciliation with traitorous body double Nick Offerman, and his new beginning as the man the world has come to know as The Singing ‘Stache of Sanctification.As your new Pope, we are very excited about this New Evangelization opportunity!  Welcome aboard, Michael!