Your chance to do a work of mercy:You’ve helped me spread the word before about a work of mercy and I’m hoping you can help again. Here’s the info for a young man who is suffering, needs surgery, but the insurance won’t pay for it.This is from his gofundme site:“My name is Nathan and I’m from Kansas City. I’m 23 and for 7 years I’ve suffered. I have trigeminal nerve damage and crippling pain. Trigeminal Nerve pain is the worst physical pain known to humankind. I have a rare version in which, as far as things are going, it’s not only intractable (incurable) but also somehow progressive.I use a whiteboard to talk when I am in too much pain to speak. The pain is on the right side of my face and severely limits my ability to talk, chew, brush my teeth, shave, blink and pretty much everything else. I can’t sleep because the pain keeps me up. I take many meds and my social life is very limited. Driving is hard too. I can’t work or go to school. I feel like I’m a slave to my pain often. The reason it is so hard is because of 4 years of misdiagnosis, finally resulting in a brain surgery in NYC. I’ve had many surgeries, many meds and many tests done over the years.I love life and it’s frustrating to spend it stuck inside most of the time. I love God and I know there is a reason for this. There is one surgery left that can help me, but because it is experimental, insurance has denied it once already. Now the Mayo Clinic wants this surgery for me but insurance is denying it. I want to have a better quality of life. I’ve created my own therapies including playing

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