(No.  I’m not linking to the latest vile thing she’s said. If you have a burning need to know, you can find it easily enough).  It’s that, unlike other people who make a living being vile, such as Jerry Springer or Opie and Anthony, she is still, at this hour, feted as a “thinker” by Fox, Talk Radio, Human Events (where her latest piece of filth was honored with publication), or Town Hall. Everybody treats Springer and these other debasers of common decency like the sewer rats they are. But the Thing that Used to be Conservatism *still* honors and promotes people like Ann Coulter and treats them as something other than a stain on the human race.  Why on earth does the discernment-free audience for these people continue to let people like her insult them and bring dishonor on them?  For the sake of one’s own self-respect, if nothing else, you’d think that people would demand that conservative media no longer consent to welcoming such vileness into its universe of discourse.

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