A Catholic scientist looks at the embarrassment that is this movie. It has its premiere this Friday at one theatre in a strip mall miles outside of Chicago, where it will be seen by the filmakers’ family and friends, perhaps some investors wanting to see where all the money they flushed down the loo went,… Read More

…proceeds apace in the work of Imminent Disaster Visible from Space Rev. Heath Mooneyham, a pastor so obviously dangerous to follow that only Christians drinking deep of the Thing that Used to Be Conservatism could miss the flashing red lights and warning klaxons and follow him in growing numbers. As with the obviously catastrophic Marc Driscoll,… Read More

(No.  I’m not linking to the latest vile thing she’s said. If you have a burning need to know, you can find it easily enough).  It’s that, unlike other people who make a living being vile, such as Jerry Springer or Opie and Anthony, she is still, at this hour, feted as a “thinker” by Fox, Talk… Read More