So I’m fond of impressionists, and particularly fond of Jim Meskimen, who you may remember from thisAnyway, some time back I wrote him about something or other and wound up on him mailing list, which is fun because I get things like this from him:You may have seen the video that went viral last week with “29 celebrity impressions and 1 song”.  It has received about a million views a day since release.  In case you missed it, it’s here:I had it sent to me by a lot of my friends who were taken in by it; I myself was packing my bags to move to Australia to look for a new career…Then I got a whisper that maybe it wasn’t quite on the up and up.I managed to get in contact with the creator, Rob Cantor.He wrote to me and confessed it was a hoax.He’s announced it officially in a new video today, which is also of course going viral:Turns out he used a number of impressionists, some from our very own show, to pull it off.  HOAX!So…I thought it would be a good idea if the cast of The Impression Guys created a video that calls out, in a gentle way,  his use of other voice actors for his “impressions” and released it here:We hope you enjoy it.Very best,jim

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