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Three points:
A) The conspiracy theory is dumb because it assumes that thousands of poor people in Central America are willing to part with their children and send them on a dangerous trek north all in order to help Obama look good and conservatives look heartless. Conservatives who float such theories don’t need government handouts to do that. They have abundantly shown they can do that all on their own.
B) Even if there *were* a vast conspiracy to send children here for Obama’s political advantage (and what exactly is gained by Obama, since his own base despises him for deporting so many people?) the reality is that only profound selfishness looks at this vast humanitarian crisis and thinks “If I help, what’s in it for my political advantage? What if my enemy Obama gains some political advantage?” Such calculations are inhuman and foreign to the mind of Christ.
C) Attacking “the bishops” on this with dumb “they just want butts in the pews” stuff is simply a chicken-hearted way of refusing to acknowledge that one is really attacking the Pope (and, by the way, Jesus Christ since he is present in the least of these kids at the border).  The absurd claim, in plain English, is that the same desperately poor people whom the panickers claim will destroy our economy are also being seized upon as some shining revenue source by sinister conspiratorial bishops  willing to support abortion for the sake of a buck.  Give thou me a break.  This is all just a feeble excuse for hard-heartedness to crying human need.  The bizarre spectacle of claiming that bishops and laity helping children in desperate need is somehow “pro-abortion” constitutes the lowest point I have ever seen the anti-abortion-but-not-prolife mentality sink to.  I have to believe that the bulk

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