This guy: or this guy. Three points: A) The conspiracy theory is dumb because it assumes that thousands of poor people in Central America are willing to part with their children and send them on a dangerous trek north all in order to help Obama look good and conservatives look heartless. Conservatives who float such… Read More

Somebody was explaining to me that it is vital for all *real* Catholics to refuse to trust the Magisterium since the council. He really believed he was “free”. All I could think of was Jesus say, “Go in fear. Your suspicion has made you a slave.”… Read More

This is Mr. Water Drop: Mr. Water Drop freezes at 32 degree Fahrenheit.  When Mr. Water Drop is Way Up in the Sky, where it is very cold, he and billions of his friends freeze into tiny crystals to form Mr. Cloud. You may wonder where Mr. Water Drop comes from. Well, I will tell… Read More