…a few years back when the big panic was all about how Teh Muslims[TM] were out-breeding us and we needed more Christian children. Also how Teh Gummint[TM] was robbing us of the chance to be charitable with its damned social safety nets for the poor and vulnerable (cuz us Christians who put a dollar in the collection plate are just *burning* to out-do Caesar in proving our charitable zeal). So now comes a flood of desperate children with no parents, groping for haven in a strange land and providing a golden opportunity for us to kill two birds with one stone.
Response (primarily from the demographic that self-identifies as “prolife conservative”)?:  Cry “Disease laden border crashers!!!” (in the immortal words of one reader),  scream at busses of terrified kids, and generally communicate dissent from that whole “I was a stranger and you took me in” thing.  Two charming fellows on Facebook, one of whom (the latter) featured a “Massachusetts for Life” link on his page, bore eloquent witness to a somewhat extreme sample of the tenderness and compassion on display for these children:

But this sterling Witness for Life was just advocating a slightly more swift efficiency than his peers.  Much of the rest of the “prolife” commentary simply advocated the more hands-off approach of turning the busses around and sending them who cares where as long as it’s not here: effectively abandoning the children to their fate in Mexico, (meaning “being sent back to the desert, sex slavery, or death”). Others were recommending bullets and land mines. A deeply affecting prolife witness.
At some deep level, this kind heartlessness is difficult to live with. So finding a way to blame somebody else for such an appalling response to naked human need became a psychological priority for some.  Among many strategies for doing this has