A reader writes:
It would appear that the place where I have been living for a number of years will likely be sold by the end of summer. Therefore, I am in need of a new place to live out my eremitic vocation. What I have quickly learned is that I simply do not enjoy the level of income necessary to afford the average price of a rental in this day and age. (If I’ve done nothing else right re: my vocation, I’ve got a real good grip on the whole evangelical poverty thing!)
Please join me in praying that God will lead me to the right place at the right time. Pray, too, that God will give me the grace to want only for myself what He wants for me. God’s will not mine be done.
Be assured of my prayers for you.
Thank you for your prayers! Father, hear his prayer for a new place at the right time and help him to live out his vocation to the glory of your Name. Mother Mary and St. Anthony of the Desert, pray for him! We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
Another reader writes:
I am really sorry to disturb but I must bed urgent and sustained prayer if I may from your readers.  We have an urgent situation here in Indonesia.  Sorry about long message but please hear me out as people’s lives are at stake.
On the 9th of July there will be the Presidential election.  There are only two candidates – Jokowi and Prabowo.  You could not find two more clear opposites. Jokowi is known as a man of the people, honest, uncorruptable and a firm believer in human rights and democracy.  Opposing him is Prabowo, a known murderer and born dictator who has made no secret of the fact he

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