You Will Receive Power: A Prayer For My Son at His Confirmation


To my son as you receive the Sacrament of Confirmation,On this day, you will receive a new anointing of the Holy Spirit: the same Holy Spirit that hovered over the chaos when God created the world, the same Holy Spirit that God breathed into Adam to give him life, the same Holy Spirit that anointed Jesus at his Baptism and then drove him into the desert to prepare for his public ministry, and the same Holy Spirit that fell in tongues of fire on the heads of the Apostles and led them to boldly proclaim to the nations the Good News of the saving power of Jesus. As you receive this same Holy Spirit at your Confirmation, you will receive the promise of the Father, and the power that he brings. My prayer for you this day is that you will receive power to radically surrender your life to our Lord Jesus.power to discern and follow the will of the Holy Trinity in your life.power to seek the Lord in prayer and study each day. power to boldly proclaim your faith, both in the words you say and the way you live.power to hold fast to the truth, even in times of difficulty, struggle and persecution.power to live a life of heroic virtue and deep love of God and neighbor. power to forgive others when they hurt you.power to humble yourself and repent of your own sins and failings. power to persevere through difficult times and help others do the same. Most of all, I pray that the Holy Spirit will speak to your heart the greatest gift of all – the knowledge that you are a beloved child of the most High God and that he loves and delights in you.


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