The Top 10 Reasons to be a Catholic Man


The following is a guest post by Matthew Christoff of The New Emangelization.
In the post-modern “anything goes and nothing means anything” world, men are lost, not knowing what to believe or what to do.  Seduced into pursuing their own selfish passions, post-modern men are manipulated like C.S. Lewis predicted they would be:  “men without chests”, who don’t know what to believe and are manipulated by those with political and material power through propaganda to do what the powerful desire.  This is not freedom, it is slavery.
Everywhere you look, the depressing rotten fruit of post-modernism is poisoning men: men have abandoned women and children, men avoid growing in virtue and pursue the lewd, trivial and profane, wandering aimlessly between various vices, men live sedentary and flabby lives, over-stuffed with cheap calories and alcohol.  Like ancient Rome in its dying days, men are seduced with bread (e.g. fast food, microwave meals, the Food Channel) and circuses (e.g. celebrity shenanigans, “news” that seeks to indoctrinate and agitate, video games, sporting events and porn; for many men, this list is in reverse order of time spent watching).  Great men of the past and present, scratch their heads, wondering “What the hell happened?”  The response: Hell happened.  In the post-modern void of nothingness, Satan finds warm bodies.
Post-modern men are not “belongers”, preferring to be “free-agents”, unattached to anything but their own selfish passions.  Every man who lives that way learns, sooner or later, that life has an endpoint and brokenness, loneliness and despair comes to every man who tries to go it alone.  Men don’t find peace and joy in separateness, men find separateness.
In this dying culture that has lost its way, there is a place of certainty and honor, a place of communion with both God and man, a source for the beautiful, true and good


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