True Christian marriage is unfortunately becoming more and more of an abstract vow in this day and age. Perversion of marriage has become socially acceptable on TV, in our schools, and in our everyday life. Social media has become a soapbox for untraditional marriage advocates to state their propaganda to anyone who will listen (and even… Read More

Featuring: Readings for Saturday, May 16, 2015 Paragraph 48, Gaudium et Spes Kristin Putnam, my Beloved Bride of nearly nine years. “I want to know what love is, I want you to show me.” Original Poem — “I Thought of You Today.” The instability of an emotional dependent love. Giveaway – Rosary and Book by… Read More

We hope you had a great weekend. Thank you for joining us today. Please come back tomorrow as we will be having a Lenten reflection everyday. If you missed a day, you can find the archives here. TODAY’S BIBLE VERSE: MATTHEW 19:6 SO THEY ARE NO LONGER 2 BUT 1 FLESH.WHAT THEREFORE GOD HAS JOINED… Read More

RCIA- The Sacraments of Service: Holy Orders & Matrimony In my life-time, the subjects of marriage and commitment to a cause, especially one akin to Holy Orders have been questioned, degraded, and in general made to look like a type of bondage and “old fashioned”. Even among fellow believers in Christ, it has become a… Read More