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As soldiers of Christ, we have a duty to lead our family. Just as Adam was given authority over the world and his wife, so do we have God given authority over our family. Recognize I made the comparison of Adam and Eve to you and your family. The lesson to be learned here is that we are stewards over a great deal. Everything at our fingertips is given to us by God meant for His glory. This includes our property, our finances, all that we own, and of course those we have charge over. And because we are like Adam with great responsibility to ensure the safety of our “garden” we must remain vigilant in edifying our family. One way we may do this is become a scripture based family.

It is true that if you wish for your wife and children to be holy then you yourself must show them how. Therefore, make sure your prayer life is a good example, bless your family often preferably with holy water and read to them passages from the Holy Bible. In particular, it is most important to read scripture to you family as it is the inspired word of God. The Doctors, Saints, and Fathers of the Church consistently taught that reading Holy Scripture for at least 15 minutes a day in itself bestows graces upon the soul reading. Moreover, anyone listening to Holy Scripture also bask in that light since what they hear is eternal from the only eternal God. Graces are vital for us to be able to come to the knowledge of the truth and without them we will surely perish. Recall the Theological Virtues (abundance of graces) Faith, Hope, and Charity. All of these virtues or abundance of graces are gifts given freely by our resignation to the Way.

There are literally countless reasons why you must read Scripture to your family, so let us first start with the obvious. In many ways, simply reading Holy Scripture can be a form of ministering to ones own soul. If we find ourselves concerned about a saying in Holy Scripture, we have an abundance of Catholic teachings that can reveal what has always been passed down. (I recommend commentaries from Cornelius Lapide, the Catena Aurea, and the Haydock Commentary!) In life, we will always find ourselves in situations where we need more than just a reference on how to handle. This is just one reason why reading and retaining Holy Scriptures is paramount. How else can you minister to your own family if you are debunked of all worthy words from inerrant Word of God?

There is also a need to be counter-revolutionary. You see, the world is progressing in such a way that it is furthering itself more and more from Christ. Among many other things we struggle against in this diabolical world, we should turn to the Word of God that would lay the standard for moral amendment. Christ is not just God of the Church but of all creation. If we read Holy Scripture, we would know this. Therefore, to be counter-revolutionary means to go against the grain of the pagan ideals many of our leaders propagate. Is it no wonder that Holy Scripture is banned in certain areas of government property? Is it no wonder prayer to Jesus Christ has been kicked out of our schools? What shall we do then if not give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar and to God the things that are God’s?! Be a man and teach your family of God and make no provisions for error in your home. You may live in a nation drenched with paganism but your home need not!

Mark Hart, aka The Bible Geek, joined The Catholic Man Show to talk about the importance of reading the Bible with your family. His website, Life Teen, is a movement within the Roman Catholic Church leading teenagers and their families into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and His Church.

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