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This show is more needed than ever. In our modern era of gender ambiguity, [The Catholic Man Show] remind us of our innate and necessary duties and longings as men. It takes guts to do a show saying what we all wanted to say, but didn’t. – Michael Miley, Rival Sons Drummer

Rival Sons has become a big name in the Rock ‘n’ Roll world. Stylistically compared to blues rock bands from the 1950s-1970s, particularly bands like Led Zepplin, the Animals, and Free.  They have even won over the infamous guitarist Jimmy Page of Led Zepplin, which very few modern bands have been able to accomplish. They have shared the stage with Alice Cooper, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Judas Priest, and most recently Black Sabbath on their farewell world tour.

The quartet, formed in 2008, consists of lead singer Jay Buchanan, Scott Holiday on guitar, Dave Beste on bass and Michael Miley on drums—a soulful heavy blues-rock sound with slide guitar and a hard-rock edge fused with high-energy performances and intoxicating harmonies, making them a fearsome live act, electric from the first note, magnified by the entire band’s chemistry on stage, reminding us that stage presence is something that can’t be taught, and nowhere is that more evident than at a Rival Sons show.  –Source here

Interestingly, each member worships or non-worships in their own way, as a Hindu priest, a follower of Native American Red Road religion, an agnostic, and a devout Catholic!

Here is a brief summary of Michael Miley’s conversion to Catholicism.

The Catholic Man Show had the AWESOME privilege to sit down and record an episode with Miley! Well… half of The Catholic Man Show. David was unable to be there as his baby girl was being born that night so Miley graciously filled his shoes.


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Miley holding a Catholic Man Show glencairn glass


Get Rival Son’s full concert schedule here.  



Fr. Bryan Ketterer with Michael Miley at the Newman Center, Tulsa University

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