Reading/Watching/Listening Recap (Vol 1)


I’m starting something new here at Saints 365!  Each Saturday, I’ll share several blog posts, articles, videos, or podcasts that I have read, watched or listened to the previous week that have touched me.   There is such a wealth of great material in the vast wide world of Catholic writing and I am hoping some of these inspire, encourage and challenge you as much as they have me!A convicting post for a girl who likes to just get the job done – Letting Christ Love Me, Unpleasantly – Dr. Thomas Neal – Word on Fire BlogI love good cheese. I am passionate about the New Evangelization – this article is a huge winner in my book: The New Evangelization Must Be Good Cheese – ReverbCulture BlogA thought provoking question: Should You Smoke While You Pray – Melanie Jean Juneau – Joy of 9Tips for overcoming the negative self-talks which seems to be pervasive among us girls! I Am a Worthless Loser and Other Lies I Believe – Strahlen Smith – Single Mom SmilingVery very practical advice for parents having “one of those days”: 12 Ways To Turn a Bad Day Around  – Ellen Mady – Eyes on HeavenFather Cantalamessa’s powerful testimony, delivered with humility and great joy at the Awakening the Domestic Church conference earlier this month. I have been working my way through Dr. Taylor Marshall’s podcasts and this is by far my favorite one so far: How to Make an Eternal Impact With Your LifeJoin in on the recap and share a link to your own favorites in the comments box below! Receive new posts directly via email. Sign up for free today by entering your email address below!


Pat Flynn Coming to Tulsa

By Adam Minihan | April 1, 2022

Pat Flynn comes to Tulsa for the Alcuin Institute and St. Michael Catholic Radio Speaker…

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Suan Sonna Coming to Tulsa

By Adam Minihan | March 1, 2022

The Alcuin Institute for Catholic Culture and St. Michael Catholic Radio will be hosting Suan…

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