Prayer After Communion


The Didache is an extraordinary document in Christian History.

Although it is not part of God’s word, it gives modern day Christians a blueprint of how the earliest Church Fathers understood the Church during Her infant stages.

Today as I was reading it my eyes focused on Chapter 10 titled, “Prayer after Communion”. I read it with great interest, for I struggle to stay focused in prayer after Communion. There are many distractions: people walking past you, the noise of people standing up and sitting down, my kids — who never seem to move more than once we sit back down after communion, at times the communion song, just to name a few. So over the years I have learned the best way for me to pray after Communion is to recite a prayer that has already been given to us by the Church. My go to prayer is the Anima Christi. It is short, beautiful, and more encompassing than any prayer I could come up with on my own. However, it is always good to have a “plan B” prayer ready to go for the moments God gives us a little extra time to reflect/pray. I am going try to incorporate this one into my prayer rotation.

Chapter. X.—Prayer after Communion.

But after ye are filled, thus give thanks:  We thank Thee, holy Father, for Thy holy name which Thou didst cause to tabernacle in our hearts, and for the knowledge and faith and immortality, which Thou madest known to us through Jesus Thy Servant; to Thee be the glory for ever.  Thou, Master almighty, didst create all things for Thy name’s sake; Thou gavest food and drink to men for enjoyment, that they might give thanks to Thee; but to us Thou didst freely give spiritual food and drink and life eternal through Thy Servant.  Before all things we thank Thee that Thou art mighty; to Thee be the glory for ever.  Remember, Lord, Thy Church, to deliver it from all evil and to make it perfect in Thy love, and gather it from the four winds, sanctified for Thy kingdom which Thou hast prepared for it; for Thine is the power and the glory for ever.  Let grace come, and let this world pass away. Hosanna to the God (Son) of David! If any one is holy, let him come; if any one is not so, let him repent. Maranatha. Amen. But permit the prophets to make Thanksgiving as much as they desire.



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