Five Favorites (Vol. 4): Fatherhood Quotes


As we look forward to the celebration of Father’s Day this weekend, here are some quotes about Fatherhood to share:-1-This first quote is from Father Lawrence Lovasik’s book “The Catholic Family Handbook” which is chock-full of down to earth, practical wisdom for raising Catholic families.-2-I first read this quote from St. Francis de Sales when I purchased a plaque entitled “Sleeping St. Joseph” for my husband for his first Father’s Day. The plaque was a carving of a sleeping St. Joseph, cradling the sleeping infant Jesus in his arms. The quote from St. Francis de Sales was on the back of the plaque and it beautifully captured the image of this strong carpenter tenderly holding this tiny infant King. To this day the plaque rests in a stand on our mantle, opposite a statue of our Lady, and beneath the image of the Sacred Heart. -3-Quotes 3 and 4 are taken from Sirach Chapter 3, which contains various exhortations on fatherhood and motherhood, and the promises the Lord makes to those who live out the fourth Commandment of to “honor your Mother and Father.” -4–5-Some astute insight into the ups and downs of a Father’s relationship with his children, gleaned from Mark Twain’s own experience growing up. Kids have not changed much since then. For more Five Fave’s visit Moxie Wife! Receive new posts directly via email. Sign up for free today by entering your email address below!


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