Ultimate Gift Guide for Manly Men

The Catholic Man Show

The Catholic Man Show is a weekly radio show/podcast promoting manly virtue in a watered down society. #CheerstoJesus

Shopping for men can sometimes be difficult. Christmas shopping is stressful in general — that’s why Adam and David put together a list of perfect gifts for the gentlemen in your life:

Catholic Man Show Gear!

Price: $20 donation (Per Item)

Shameless plug? Sure. Lol. But our Glencairn whisky glass and t-shirts have been getting great reviews. Plus you’re killing 2 birds with 1 stone! You get to make a donation to TCMS AND get some awesome manly gear! Click here to make a $20 donation and we will contact you shortly afterwards!


TCMS Glencairn Glass


TCMS Option 1


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Leatherman Multi-tool

Price: $64.85

This was our very first man gear (back when we called it a “man item” facepalm!). Every man needs to own one of these. We strongly recommend the Leatherman Skeletool version. It’s light weight, sturdy, and has everything you need for everyday activities.


Skeletool – Stainless Steel

A Klarus flashlight

Price: $23.99-$389.90

These flashlights are legit! We can’t speak highly enough about them. They are blindingly bright and come in a variety of specs. We have a Catholic Man Show coupon code for the you as well! FZNEWBIE. Use that code and get 10% off your purchase! We recommend the Klarus XT11 – 1060 Lumens. You won’t ever have to buy another flashlight again!


Klarus XT11- 1060 Lumens


Adam and David’s Must-Read List

Price: Approx. $15-$20/book

You can get most of these books at your local Catholic Book and Gift Store!

Every man needs to be developing a library. Adam and David each put together a “Top 3” list. If you don’t have these books, we recommend adding them to  your library asap. (Disclaimer: Trying to make a top 3 book list is incredibly difficult.)

Adam’s Top 3: (Followed by Adam’s comments on the book):

“The Way. Furrow. The Forge” by St. JoseMaria Escriva


I cheated. This is 3 books rolled up into one. Don’t let that discourage you from reading it though! This is a book that you can pick up and sit down any time. It is full of amazing “soundbytes” or “meme one liners” that will help you get through the day. It is incouraging and a kick in the pants to be a better man! Even if you are not a reader, this book is must have.

“True Devotion to Mary with  Preparation for Total Consecration” by: St. Louis de Montfort


“It was through the Blessed Virgin Mary that Jesus came into the world, and it is also through her that he must reign in the world.” This is a book that literally changed my life. I read this book once every year. If you want to instantly make an impact in your spiritual life and grow closer to our Lord Jesus Christ, concecrate yourself to Mary our Mother! I dare you to read it!

“Answering Atheism” by: Trent Horn


In order to evangelize, you have to meet people where they are and in today’s world many are in the “none” or “agnostic/atheist” catagories. This book gave me the confidence to question secular thoughts and philosophies and effectively answers questions that on the surface look very convincing. Highly recommend it.

David’s Top 3 (Followed by David’s comments on the book):

“Making Gay Okay” by Robert R. Reilly
making-gay-okWhat happened to our culture? How did homosexual behavior go from culturally taboo to mandatorily celebrated in less than 10 years? Robert Reilly takes you on a step-by-step journey through the cultural devolution of the issue, all the while using psychology and philosophy to reach his conclusions. This book opened my eyes more than any other on the subject and dispelled several myths I previously assumed were true. The first chapter alone should be mandatory reading for anyone seeking to help win the culture war.

“Behold your Mother” by: Tim Staples


This is the end all be all of apologetic works regarding our Holy Mother. Tim Staples, a former Assembly of God minister, is all too familiar with the objections toward Marian Devotions having confronted many of them himself on his way into mother church. If there is a Protestant objection to Mary that isn’t covered in this book, I haven’t heard it.

“Divine Mercy in my Soul” by: St. Maria Faustina Kowalska


This is the diary of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska and is a rare glimpse into the interior relationship that Jesus desires to have with all of us. St. Faustina was the avenue through which Jesus chose to bring us His message of Divine Mercy. In her diary she details not only her encounters and visions of the God-Man but also her trials and sufferings, her dark night of the soul. This is the most inspirational book I have read in many years!

A Smoking Pipe

Price: $25.00-$750.00


Another Man Gear of the Week. There are all different types of smoking pipes. If you are beginner, we recommend getting a nice Corn Cob pipe. It’s cheap, yet highly effective and a perfect place to start your pipe journey. You don’t have to “break them in”, they are primed and ready to go. Plus, most of them are made in the USA! Adam and David have several different styles of pipes including the corn cob, the briar, the churchwarden, and the Dublin.


Rugged Rosary

Price: $39.99


The Catholic Gentleman Rosary

Every soldier needs a weapon. Every man needs a rosary. We recommend the Catholic Gentleman Rosary.

Wallet Rosary

Price: $12.50


Every man also needs a backup! Put it in your wallet and it’s a great way to guarantee you have a spiritual weapon everywhere you go!

Fountain Pen

Price: $55.00 and up


In a world consumed in a digital age, the fountain pen is a forgotten masculine instrument. Every man needs a go-to pen while at his office, at home, or for daily journaling. Here’s a great guide to finding the right fountain pen.

Be Not Afraid – By Sam Guzman

Price: $8.99

You can find this at your local Catholic Book and Gift Store or at The Catholic Gentleman

The Holy Catholic Church has produced thousands upon thousands of saints. Among them were countless authentic men who knew that holiness is the highest calling, the supreme vocation of every man. Though they have long since been laid to rest, the heroic lives of these men still shake the world. And these men still speak to us today. They teach us how to be courageous, how to suffer, how to grow in virtue, and ultimately, how to find God, the true end of every man. These are their words.

Mystic Monk Coffee

Price: $11.99-$14.99


Coffee drinker? Support the Carmelite monks in Wyoming while drinking their delicious coffee. Their highly rated Christmas blend is sure to keep you warm through the winter months.

Old Fashioned Shaving Kit

Price: $220.00


Handmade Straight Razor Cigar Box Shaving Kit Made by Matt McCoy

Few things say refined masculinity like an old fashioned safety razor. Deep down, every man has wanted to shave like the good ol’ days. This gift will not disappoint the gentleman in your life.

Decanter Set

Price: $49.99 and up


The decanter provides an elegant, hospitable atmosphere. It gives off style while still practical. Men enjoy getting together for an evening to share a fine whisky. A personalized monogram will be the icing on the cake.

A Homebrew Kit

Price: $49.99 and up


This is the perfect solution for new brewers and the perfect gift for craft beer lovers! Make your own beer the small batch way. Comes with a free instructional DVD so every obstacle in brewing is eliminated. Short video.

Catholic Beard Balm

Price: $10.00


“The beard signifies the courageous. The beard distinguishes the grown men, the earnest, the active, the vigorous. So that when we describe such, we say, he is a bearded man.” –St. Augustine

Mountain Man Over-The-Fire Grill and Griddle

Price: $149.99


We used this on our camping trip this year and it is a game-changer! You can use the durable steel grill and griddle over wood, charcoal or propane. It also includes a sturdy carrying case. Check out our camping video.

 Chess Sets

Price: $14.95 and up


The gentleman in your life a gamer? Have him put down the Xbox and enjoy a strategic game of chess. Some of the benefits of playing chess are preventing Alzheimer’s, exercising both sides of the brain, increasing creativity, and improving memory . Not to mention, it gives the room a very distinguished gentleman look.


Price: $30.00 and up


But not the pop-star, wearing it cock-eyed fedora. Our friend, Patrick Coffin, has started a movement called “bringing back the fedora”. When men used to wear a fedora, it portrayed good manners, virtue, proper dress, and the importance of a firm handshake and eye contact. Let’s bring back the fedora.

Catholic Head Gear – JMJCat3

Price: $21.99


A Catholic small business that has stylish head gear so you can evangelize on the go! “I chose to design Catholic snapbacks and other head gear to attract and evangelize our young people to the Catholic faith.” Owner of JMJCat3, Sergio.

Catholic Wear – Pal Campaign

Price: $22.95


PAL (Peace and Love) Campaign seeks to create art that does not sacrifice great beauty or Gospel truth. PAL Campaign’s products find their home, and speak their truth in the everyday items that reach all who are hungry and all who are thirsty… the t-shirts, the accessories, the coffee mugs.

Wood Chisels

Price: $129.99


There is just something about building things with your hands. The smell of the wood, the layers of sawdust, the sound of a hammer hitting a nail exudes manliness. Whether an amateur or seasoned woodworker, chisels are a must. This Stanley 4 piece set comes with a leather tool roll to carry from one project to the next!

Throwing Axe

Price: $15-$32

 Name Fast Hawk Schiflett Throwing Axe
 Brand SOG Heartland Gil Hibben
 Weight 15oz 12oz 12oz
 Length 12in 12in 12in
 Sheath Nylon Nylon Leather
 MSRP $50 $30 $57
 Amazon $25 $15 $32

Adam and David were just talking about wanting to go out into the woods and see who was better at throwing axes. Men thrive on challenge and competition. Getting a man a throwing axe will be a “W” in his book. Watch this video and tell me you don’t want to throw an axe.


Price: $89.00

humidorA Catholic gentleman may enjoy a nice smoke after dinner. If so, get him a Churchhill 125 count Humidor to keep his cigars fresh. This authentic Spanish cedar, dark cherry finish humidor will not only keep the cigars fresh but will be a great accent to his study.

Home Defense Concealment Wall Art


Rough Country Rustic Furniture has a wide variety of unique gun safes. This one is equipped with a completely concealed locking device and holds up to 4 handguns and extra magazines.


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