REMEMBER THE GOAL is a new movie coming to theaters opening on August 26th.

A female coach, fresh out of college, takes over the cross country program at an all girls Christian school.  She sets a goal for them to win their first ever state title. In cross country, the top five runners score and writer Dave Christiano has crafted five separate stories around these girls dealing with issues all relevant to teen life.

Reason #1 – Anna, the team’s top runner, finds herself in history class sitting in front of her former best friend Savannah.   I say “former” because during the summer Savannah met a guy who got her smoking weed, and even though they broke up, she continued to smoke.  Savannah’s new lifestyle caused her relationship with Anna to drift far apart.  Anna wants to help her former friend but Savannah is not interested.  “A lot of girls smoke,” says Savannah, “a lot of girls in this Christian school and you can bet a ton more do in public school!”  Savannah is right, they do.  So how does Anna help her?  The answer will surprise you.

Reason #2 – Heidi is the number two runner on the team and is best friends with Anna.  The trouble for Heidi is that Anna is more popular than she is, makes better grades than she does, and has always beat her in running.  So how does that make Heidi feel?  Inferior. Jealous. Envious.  When her Coach notices Heidi trying a bit too hard in practice, she calls in her runner for a private meeting. What the Coach shares with Heidi is a story that will put any low self image totally to rest!  Very touching.

Reason #3 – Rebecca’s Mother cares about everything Rebecca does.  That’s not a bad thing, but for Rebecca it’s a dominating thing.  When her mother asks her to do something Rebecca tends to forget or put it off.  This doesn’t sit well with the mother and her frustration level rises.  Then one day, Rebecca’s Mother has an encounter with the Coach and it changes everything…for the Mother…and then Rebecca.

Reason #4 – Katelyn is the team’s comedian but underneath the funny girl lies a hurting heart. Her parents divorced three years earlier and her father moved four states away.  What that means for Katelyn is a much needed father who isn’t around.  It’s not fair.  Come see her run?  Her Dad says he will, but then never shows up.  The Coach catches wind of this pain and makes an attempt to bring some healing.

Reason #5 – Shelby is 15 years old and her father doesn’t want her to date…yet.  Chase is 16 years old and he wants to date…now.   Chase asks Shelby to go out with him and so what’s a young girl to do?  She likes Chase but her father’s wishes stand in the way.  What eventually happens is reason number five to watch this movie. 

REMEMBER THE GOAL will open in theaters in ten southeastern states on August 26th. It will not be released on DVD or VOD, only to theaters.  So if you want to see this, you’ll have to do so on the big screen!  View the movie trailer at FiveAndTwoPictures.com and find out which cities it is coming to.