Luke Spehar is the kind of Catholic Gentleman that makes you feel instantly at home. When I first met him he was unloading music gear out of the back of his family van, wearing weathered blue jeans and looking like he had just spent a day working with reclaimed lumber. I half expected sawdust to fall out of his pockets. From changing diapers to touring with Ben Harper, from hammering out songs of hope on his acoustic guitar to touring the U.S.A with little more than a rosary and gas money, Luke Spehar is a musician both Catholic and, well, gentlemanly.
1) What kind of beer is in your fridge?
When I can get it, I like to have the Franciscana Dunkleweisen, which I discovered in Germany during my college years. Otherwise, some sort of Porter or Stout from a microbrewery will do. And of course, Coors or Michgolden always serve as a suitable post workout drink.
2) What’s Your Battle Cry?
“I do it for you.” – Nicholas Spehar
3) What made you pick up the guitar?
When people used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I would answer them, “a Country music singer or a Chiropractor.” It was a family tradition to watch the CMA’s when I was younger, and when country music had a very different sound. Watching those musicians always inspired me, and seeing that I liked the sound of guitar strings playing more then neck bones cracking, I steered toward music.
4) Word on the street is you thought you were called to be a priest?
Indeed! I felt the tug to explore the possibility of the priesthood in High School. Anyone who has felt that same tug might agree it can be rather scary. I think the harder decision for me, however, was whether or not