Top ten things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving:1. Our Lord Jesus Christ, for calling me out of darkness and into his marvelous light! (1 Peter 2:9)2. The freedoms we enjoy in this country, especially the freedom to worship our God in peace and security. 3. My husband who works tirelessly to support, protect and care for us!  He is truly a reflection of God the Father to me and our children and I know I don’t express my gratitude often enough. 4. My children whose presence brings me the greatest joy and reminds me every day of God’s love, goodness and mercy. 5. My parents, grandparents, and my brother and sister who have taught me the meaning of family and have dealt with me during the good, the bad and the ugly.  6. Books, books and more books. Oh how I love books!  Thank you Lord for the gift of books (and progressive eye-glasses which enable me to read all those books.)7. Wine – one of the greatest pleasures God has ever created and the perfect remedy for long homeschooling days. 8. And speaking of homeschooling – I am grateful for other homeschooling families who walk this crazy walk with us and understand like no other the struggles and victories of this life. 9. 65 degree Thanksgiving days – praying they last long into winter.  10. Thanksgiving and all its trimmings – how great is this holiday – no gifts, no decorations, a midweek day off and lots of food and family!  What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving?