The world of men is careening into greater and greater chaos.  Blood thirsty slaughter of civilians by Islamists.  The wholesale holocaust of babies through abortion.  The growing power of secular governments and media juggernauts who use propaganda and advertising to manipulate opinion and control the masses.  The edicts of judges that overturn the age old understanding of marriage.  The hollowing out of families through misguided social welfare programs.  The escalating grievance movement by women and various races.  The fall of borders. The outsourcing of jobs which further destroys traditional families.  The mainstreaming of sexual perversion into every nook and cranny of men’s minds.  The catalog of modern chaos is long.
At the core of all modern chaos is the embrace of the kingdoms of the world and the rejection of  the kingdom of God. Men, wishing to be free to do as they please, have sought freedom through the modern world, not realizing they have rejected the Divine Kingdom and settled for kingdoms of men.  Rejecting the Divine Monarchy, they have settled for a plethora of mini-monarchies of men; politicians, political parties and political dynasties, judges, corporate titans, professors, activists and celebrities.  As events are showing, the new monarchies are run by tyrants who rule with a growing absolutism using the deceitful mantras of change, equality, fairness and progress.
As chaos escalates in the world, there is only one sure power, the mighty power of Christ the King.  It is time that Catholic men become acquainted with their True King.
Modern Man’s Aversion to Kings and Kingdoms
The word “monarchy” comes from the Latin, monarchia, meaning, “absolute rule, the ruling of one.”  Monarchies, a form of human government, are ruled by a king (or queen) and have been around since early human history.  Much of Western civilization has its roots in monarchies.  Today, while about 20% of countries in the world