Last year, I wrote a post called, Keep Dating Your Wife, outlining some basic ways men can show their wives that they care for them. After sharing that post again recently, I received several requests to write a post with ways wives can bless their husbands. So here it is.
Honestly, I found this post more challenging to write, mostly because it seemed rather self-serving to write some of these things. Nevertheless, it is true that marriage is a partnership, and mutual self-giving is necessary for a happy marriage. Yes, it is true that marriages break down when men stop loving and serving their wives, but they are also harmed when women undermine and belittle their husbands. As the saying goes, it takes two to tango.
As I suggested in my post for husbands, a simple rule for a happy marriage is pretending you are still dating. What did you do then and why? In those days, you probably hoped to delight the man you have since married. Perhaps you wanted to be beautiful for him, to be worthy of his attention. You wanted to make him want to pursue you. So if you want to make your husband happy, do what you did then—win his heart all over again.
Here are 25 simple ways to show your husband you love him.

Pray for him daily
Empower him to lead
Never, ever complain about him to your friends or family
Say I’m sorry when you’re wrong
Forgive him when he’s wrong
Bake him something
Let him go out with his friends
Watch a “man” movie with him
Express what you love about him
Compliment more than criticize
Don’t play emotional games, just be honest
Appreciate his interests, don’t mock them
Initiate in the bedroom occasionally
Let him have time to himself
Do your best to be attractive for him
Make him breakfast (bacon!)
Tell him you’re proud of him
Backup his authority with the