Ok – I admit it. I am a bit of a calendar-collector.  Actually, a more accurate statement would be that I buy a lot of calendars, but can never seem to find the one calendar system that works for every aspect of my crazy Catholic – homeschooling Mom – grad student – account manager – blogger – speaker – life.  And so my planning system has currently deteriorated into a stack of index cards with to-do’s listed in microscopic print and a Snapfish wall calendar with pix of my kids hanging in the kitchen.  Not exactly efficient. To say that I was thrilled when Martina over at Catholic Sista’s invited several Catholic bloggers to do a blog tour promoting the Catholic Through the Year Calendar was an understatement.  This calendar/planner is the BOMB!Here are the things I like about it:  It is Catholic – I mean hard-core – like me.  Each day of the monthly calendar lists the saint of the day, the daily Mass readings, the rosary mysteries to be said that day – even the liturgical color for the day! Entry from August 6 – the Transfiguration of the Lord and my little one’s birthday! Scripture quotes, Saint’s quotes and Catechism quotes abound.  The pages of all the planners are interspersed with beautiful, inspiring quotes from the Scriptures, the Saints and the Catechism.  There are so many prayers that the calendar itself could double as a devotional! My favorite quote, so far, is this one from St. Therese of Lisieux, which is part of the Homeschool Planner.Amen to that! It is flexible and customizable.  The calendar is available in different components: the base academic year calendar, and three add-ons: a homeschool planner, a blogger planner and a household planner.  Don’t blog? No need to buy the blogger planner. I love the whole thing and appreciate the