The United States just legalized gay “marriage.” Fear is in the air. I will simply share these thoughts:
The final war between Satan and the Lord God is over the family. Why? Because the family is an icon of the Most Holy Trinity. The communion of love between the three Divine Persons is the original family. This Divine communion is fruitful, that is, it brings forth life. It cannot help but do so. Life bursts forth from the love of the Holy Trinity.
The family is the earthly image and icon of Trinitarian love. The communion of love between husband and wife is designed to be fruitful, to bring forth life. In a very real sense, married love creates. This is why marriage carries the dignity of a sacrament—because it is a holy image of the Trinity.

Only God can truly create. Satan cannot. And Satan hates this fact. He is sterile in every sense of the word. He hates the Trinity because he envies its life giving and creative power, and he hates the family because it mirrors the Trinity.
And what better way to mock and warp the life-giving love of the Holy Trinity than to attempt to redefine marriage as something that cannot bring forth life? To redefine it as something inverted and sterile, like Satan himself? This is what homosexual “marriage” really is: Satan’s mockery of the family, and thus of the Trinity.
The good news is, Our Lord, through the Immaculate Virgin, will crush Satan’s head. Just when his victory seems sure, he will meet with a sudden defeat. Count on it.
Finally, stay strong. Be at peace. Be courageous. Never, ever lose heart.
“Our commandress, the Immaculate, refuge of sinners, is also the vanquisher of the hellish serpent.” – St. Maximilian Kolbe
“Above all, never let yourselves be troubled, never be frightened,