One warm summer night, I sat with a group of Catholic friends inside a local pub. The low light shone dimly on the wood paneled walls, the air thick with the roar of conversation. “A toast to the kingdom,” one of said as we clinked our frothy pint glasses, filled to the brim with various ales and porters. “And to our Lady,” another added enthusiastically.
For the next several hours, we laughed and argued, discussed and pondered. We talked about our jobs. Our families. Our dreams. And most of all, our faith.
As we left to go our separate ways, we parted as brothers—strengthened, encouraged, and proud to be Catholic.
A Band of Brothers
There are few things as enjoyable or encouraging as this kind of faith-filled camaraderie with other Catholic men. Just being together, arguing about big ideas, smoking and drinking, having a good time—all unified in a common bond of faith.
Brotherhood. We need it. We thrive on it. And truth be told, most of us don’t have it.
I want to change that. Today, I am announcing a new society for men that seeks to provide the community and camaraderie. I’m calling it Fraternitas. I’m launching Fraternitas because now, more than ever, we need to be a unified in faith, a band of brothers marching shoulder to shoulder to the kingdom of heaven.
How it Works
What is Fraternitas you ask? First and foremost, Fraternitas is a place exclusively for men. Here’s how it works:

Book of the Month: Each month you’ll receive a high quality, hand-picked Catholic book from an trusted publisher. These books will be about things like leadership, family, virtue, spiritual growth, prayer, and much more.
Discussion Forums: You will get access to exclusive discussion forums where you can meet other Catholic gentlemen from around the world. Think of it as an online pub.
Exclusive Webinars: We’ll feature a live