Head on over to Catholic Lane to check out my latest post in their weekly “Front Row With Francis” series.  This past Wednesday the Holy Father continued his catechesis on the family, reflecting on the gift of siblings.In my own life I am immensely grateful to the Lord for the blessing of my own siblings and the joy of watching my two children grow in their love for each other.  As the Pope points our, siblings share the unique experience of “having dwelt in the womb of the same mother for 9 months” (nearly 10 for my son, but who is counting….) This experience develops a special bond of brotherhood which the Pope says “cannot be broken”  However, as Catholics, our experience of brotherhood is not limited to our natural siblings – we are part of the Church, the larger family of God, with brothers and sisters spanning not only the entire world, but also time and space – the saints in heaven and the souls in purgatory being equally our “Christian brothers and sisters” as our own flesh and blood siblings.  Truly a gift truly beyond measure! Read my article here:  Read More Related Posts Here:Front Row With Francis: On BaptismFront Row With Francis: The Path To UnityFront Row With Francis: Charisms in the ChurchFront Row With Francis: An Alphabet for Clerics