Wow!  I can’t believe it has been a year already since I started this great adventure of blogging.  Many, many thanks to all those who have read and commented and provided encouragement and support. I have been blessed to have met so many wonderful people through the blog and am humbled by the kind words and feedback I have received over the last year. My goal in starting the blog was to provide others (and myself) with encouragement through reflections on “striving for the heights of holiness in the trenches of everyday life.” I try to keep that goal in mind with every post I write. It’s not easy to live out the church’s “universal call to holiness”. Holiness demands sacrifice, faithfulness, patience and perseverance. It seems to me to be a case of one step forward, one giant leap backwards and so on. That’s the struggle part – the part that none of us are exempt from. The beauty of striving for holiness is that we never do it on our own – it is always and only achieved through God’s grace. Our very desire for “being a saint” is a gift from God himself.  How awesome is that!  I invite you to continue forward with me on this journey!  I am hoping in the upcoming year to run several new series (similar to the 14 Day Heroic Minute Challenge which I ran in October 2014) including the monthly “Catholic Journal Prompts” and also to begin an on-line book study (book suggestions more than welcome – please comment below).  Connect with Saints 365 on Social Media… Please check out my 5 personal favorite posts from the last year:The Moral Theology of Maria Goretti7 Lessons From Pope John Paul II7 Lessons From Max Lucado’s “You Are Special”Is There Anything Else You