Imagine Adam and Eve, in perfect joy walking in the Garden of Eden; the very Paradise created especially for their enjoyment.  Everything they needed was there; everything, including freedom.  The freedom to choose right or wrong; the freedom to disobey their Father.  Any parent understands this bittersweet gift.
Along slithers the slimy serpent, who takes advantage of Eve.  He tempts her and she succumbs.  Eve chooses to disobey, and Adam is mysteriously silent. God created Eve to be Adam’s helpmate.  Shouldn’t Adam reciprocate?  What would Eve have done if Adam, ready to protect Eve, shouted, ” Eve, my love, don’t to listen him, he’s lying!” Would Eve have made a different choice?
Adam was supposed to protect Eve.  Yes, Eve should have resisted the serpent’s temptation no matter what.  Yes, she knew God’s instruction and God expected her to follow the law just as much as he expected Adam to follow the law.  However, if Adam had used the birthright given him by his Father when he gave him dominion over the animals and the earth, Eve would have been much more likely to follow him.  Eve needed Adam to stand up for her and protect her.  But he didn’t.  Where was he?  Rather than stand up for Eve, Adam instead chose silence, then cast blame on Eve.
As much as today’s society tries to convince us that young women and girls do not need men, it is a lie.  It is a lie that has grown since the beginning of the industrial revolution, the Suffragette Movement and the Feminist Movement.  Yes, girls and women are valuable in their own right.  And as JP II, (some call the “first feminist pope”) stressed in his Letter to Women and his apostolic letter, On the Dignity and Vocation of Women, women are valuable in their own right.  Yes, women