Outside My Window…a clear, cold January morning – happy to see the sun shining after a gloomy weekend and much relieved to have dodged the fluffy white stuff so far this winter.  I am thankful…For a wonderful Christmas vacation and the fact that as a homeschooling family, our first day back to school in January does not involve venturing out into the cold first thing in the morning.I am thinking…about how often and how much I can realistically blog while writing two mega papers for a Church History class I am taking. I do so love the blog but think I may need to cut back on it for a few months till this is all completed.. I am reading…Saint Thomas Aquinas For Children and the Childlike by Raissa Maritain with the kids and Practical Theology: Spiritual Direction from St. Thomas Aquinas by Peter Kreeft for myself. Sensing a theme here?  The Angelic Doctor’s feast day is January 28 and as a graduate student in theology and a homeschooling I call upon his intercession often.  Did you know he is the patron saint of students and schools? I was so excited when I learned about Peter Kreft’s new book and pre-ordered it months ago. Then I stumbled upon Raissa Maritain’s book about Aquinas for children and ordered it to read-aloud with the kids during the month of January. Raissa Maritain is the wife of the esteemed philosopher Jacques Maritain, and is a philosopher in her own right. The book covers Aquinas’ philosophy at a level appropriate for older-elementary students. I am praying…for our Bishop who had a portion of his leg, ankle and foot amputated last week due to complications from Diabetes. Please keep Bishop O’Connell in your prayers for a complete healing and please pray for all those who suffer from diabetes. From the kitchen…Today is