Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

As we approach the holy season of Christmas and a new year, we want to take this moment to wish a very blessed and merry Christmas to you, your apostolate and your family.

2014 has been a banner year for Catholic radio, in fact its largest year of growth ever! Dozens of new stations came on the air through solidarity in working through the CRA, including dozens of Low Power FM and full power stations like New York and Los Angeles! Over 100 more are in the works for 2015 as we foster the development of all the remaining Low Power FM permits. We are humbled to have been a part of helping these stations get on the air through providing knowledge, counsel, referrals or encouraging our shepherds to say “yes” when offered this amazing instrument.

In response to your requests in the 2013 Member Survey, this is what is already in the works for 2015:

  •   FCC action on FM translators for AM stations for which we filed official Comments this year to effectively give Catholic stations priority over others in a market
  •   FCC action on our Petition for Rulemaking in support of 250 watt LPFM from the coalition we built for just this purpose
  •   A Catholic Programming Symposium to be able to discuss programming principles, needs and wants, and to foster programming collaboration amongst members so that your station may fulfill its calling and meet local needs
  •   An online Programming Portal to be able to upload and download Catholic programming – providing you with the ability to customize your program day as you desire, from pre-empting a single show with more desired content to filling your program day 24/7, to making your programs available across the country and around the world
  •   A fulltime Catholic priest travelling the country promoting Catholic radio where it is not, available to work with your bishop and/or priests to see how the entire Church benefits from Catholic radio and offering holy Mass each day for the entire apostolate of Catholic radio

    The Association was founded 15 years ago with the goals of increasing the number of stations, the number of listeners and of increasing efficacious programming through fostering solidarity and communion. We look forward in 2015 to helping the entire apostolate of Catholic radio in each of these areas. It is why we exist.

    I pray that Jesus, who is Emmanuel, “God With Us”, be with you this holy Christmas season and throughout the new year!

    Ad maximam Dei gloriam!

    Sincerely yours in Christ,

    Doug Sherman


    Stephen Gajdosik