I am delighted to announce that my story of a great and unexpected kindness which was done to me by a co-worker at my grandmother’s funeral has been published in an anthology of stories about kindness called “Miracles of Kindness: True Tales of Kindness in a Modern World” by Ann Wright and Mark Wright.The book is a series of powerful stories of small and not-so-small acts of kindness and how those acts impacted the lives of the recipients. The author’s intent in publishing these stories is: “to be a paean to the nobility of the small act, as its import grows, as it ripples through the fabric of life and truly changes the course of a personal history.  It is our quest to bring these stories to public attention.”We live in such an anonymous, busy, often seemingly un-caring world. Some days it is easy to despair and think that the virtue of kindness is on the decline. This book provides a beautiful testimony to fact that goodness and kindness exist and are often found in the most unexpected and unassuming circumstances. I encourage you to download a copy of this e-book and savor each of the over 60 stories in it. You will be blessed, encouraged and inspired to pass along small acts of kindness in your own life. To purchase a copy visit the ITunes Store on either your iPad or your iPhone, do a search on Miracles of Kindness, and you will see the book, available for immediate download for $4.99.  My story is entitled: Deborah’s Story: Kindness From a Co-Worker. To learn more about the project visit The Miracles Page.