God made men. Men are good. Men are very good.
Men, it’s good that you want to lead and protect. It’s good that you have a streak of assertiveness that some would label aggression. It’s good that you are bold and daring. It’s good that you want adventure and take risks, and that you’re even sometimes a bit reckless. And that boisterous energy and stubbornness that got you into trouble as a kid? It’s a good thing that can be harnessed for greatness.
To be a man does not make you stupid, or clumsy, or inept. Nor does it make you a clueless moron or bumbling fool, in constant need of rescuing by wise and skillful women.
Men, in God’s order you are the head of your home. You have a unique authority entrusted to you by Christ to guide and shepherd your family. That’s not something to be embarrassed about or to apologize for.
Men have done amazing things in history. We have built great cathedrals. We have explored vast and trackless wildernesses. We’ve sailed the high seas. We’ve explored Antarctica. We’ve rescued damsels in distress, fought glorious battles, evangelized nations, created great works of art, literature, and music. We’ve even worked hard day in and day out to love our wives and raise a family for the glory of God.
Jesus was a man, and he ordained men as his priests and successors. God is always referred to as Father. Masculinity—it is a beautiful thing.
Today, I celebrate the dignity and genius of men. If you’re a man, your masculinity is a gift from God. Embrace it.
Wait, what?
Why am I writing this? Am I just on some sort of masculine ego trip?
Because of this article. While there are few things I disagree with in it, I do agree with the overall argument that men are under attack.