Head on over to check out my latest post in Catholic Lane’s weekly series “Front Row With Francis” which provides reflections on the Holy Father’s weekly audiences. This week, Pope Francis, drawing on St. Paul’s letters to Timothy and Titus, reflected on the qualities necessary for Bishops, priests and deacons to bear credible witness to the Gospel. The Holy Father’s words gave me time to reflect on the many holy priests I have met whose lives have dramatically impacted my spiritual growth. Often, it has not been their words, but their very “human actions” – actions of self-sacrifice, kindness, discipline and order, of “grace under pressure” that have provided the greatest witness and example of a life lived for Christ. I am so grateful for their lived-out example and I pray that the Lord will bless them in time and eternity for all they have done to lead souls to him.Click below to read my entire post and share it with your friends. Don’t forget to say a special prayer for our Bishops, priests and deacons today!Front Row With Francis: An Alphabet For ClericsRead More Related Posts Here:Front Row With Francis: On BaptismFront Row With Francis: The Path To UnityFront Row With Francis: Charisms in the Church