The Dems may have soured on Obama, but there is still one ardently pro-abortion politician that Americans love and support without question. Curiously, he is, if anything more intensely and unquestioningly supported by “prolife” conservative Christians than by the left. Indeed, for many “prolife” Christian conservatives, to question this zealously pro-abortion politician is like questioning the will of God himself. His name: Benjamin Netanyahu, whose administration enacted some of the most fanatically pro-abortion laws on the planet.Imagine conservative prolife Christians regularly declaring “We must stand with President Obama as never before!” and you get something of the disconnect. Only Obama has never enacted abortion policies as radical as Israel’s under Netanyahu. And with our tax monies, we are helping to subsidize them, all while Christian conservatives have been almost entirely silent, because many of them hold to a theology of “Touch not God’s Anointed” when it comes to Israel.