We have been talking a lot about the struggle of living out the Heroic Minute – and it can be a big struggle (at least it is for me….) Considering it is Sunday, I thought we would keep it light here and just share our vision of a perfect morning – the kind when the sun is shining, the kids are sleeping, and all is right in the world…Here’s what that kind of day looks like for me and I am immensely grateful to the Lord that I have had many of these mornings and I pray that he blesses me with many more.My perfect morning begins with me getting up and it being light enough and warm enough to go out for a morning walk. Walking is my preferred form of exercise and a walk outdoors is always provides me with time for prayer, time to clear my head and get my blood flowing. When my day begins with a morning walk, I experience less stress and definitely have more energy for the remainder of the day. I usually begin my walk by reciting the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and when I am done with that I like to listen to Praise and Worship music (Matt Maher’s All The People Said Amen is my latest favorite), or catch up on listening to some of my school lectures.  The remainder of my perfect morning includes this trifecta of deliciousness and breakfast with my family. What does your perfect morning look like? Share in the comments box below!  Interested in taking the challenge? Click here to find out more information…Please note that this post contains Affiliate Links – which basically means that if you click and shop through any of the Amazon, my domestic church will receive a small commission. Woo-hoo! We greatly appreciate the support!