A reader writes:I am requesting prayers for needs on my behalf (and those relying on my behalf) at work.Thank you.Father, hear our prayer through your Son Jesus Christ.  Mother Mary, St. Joseph, and St. Luke, pray for him and all who rely on him.Another reader writes:I can’t stop thinking about work after I finish for the day. My evenings and weekends are ruined because of my worries about work. I know it is an irrational fear, but I can’t shake the worry. I also find it difficult to  get a good night’s sleep because I am thinking and worrying about work. Occasionally, I make small mistakes in work and these also dominate my thoughts. I get very minor panic attacks also from work. All of these factors affect my spiritual life. I would very much appreciate prayer for peace and that I could forget about work when I am not there.Father, grant this person the grace to commend his work into you hands at the end of the day, trust that you will see it is bears fruit and pleases you, and then to move on and attend to the next practical thing in front of him.  Mother Mary and St. Joseph, pray for him.