A reader:I’ve been reading through the Bible, and I came across this passage in Wisdom which really bugged me, and I was wondering if you could help me make sense of it? It’s from Wisdom 3:11-19: For whoever despises wisdom and instruction is miserable. Their hope is vain, their labors are unprofitable, and their works are useless.Their wives are foolish, and their children evil; their offspring are accursed.For blessed is the barren woman who is undefiled, who has not entered into a sinful union; she will have fruit when God examines souls…But children of adulterers will not come to maturity, and the offspring of an unlawful union will perish. Even if they live long they will be held of no account, and finally their old age will be without honor. If they die young, they will have no hope and no consolation in the day of decision. For the end of an unrighteous generation is grievous. The part that’s really bothering me is that it seems to to be saying children of adultery are evil and cursed. Especially the last verse when it says the children will have no hope in the day of decision, which I assume means judgment day? Sounds like they’re being judged and damned for their parents sins…I can understand temporal punishment and suffering the consequences of the sins of a parent, but it really sounds like eternal punishment here.Am I misunderstanding it? I feel like I am, but I don’t know how else to read it. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.Always bear in mind that when you are reading the OT you are reading incomplete revelation.  The Old Testament itself makes this clear when for instance Jeremiah tells Israel that the day is coming when God will make a new covenant with Israel, not like the Mosaic covenant and