Day 3 of the Heroic Minute Challenge and our very first Monday. For me, getting a good start on Monday mornings sets the tone not only for the remainder of the day, but for the remainder of the week. Sadly, I often find myself getting up late and rushing around to get the week started. I was so excited this morning to have lived out the Heroic Minute and already feel like the day is off to the right start – what a blessing indeed!I thought today would be a good time to note that the practice of the Heroic Minute is not merely about not hitting the snooze button – it is also about making the time to begin each day in prayer.We are in good company in attempting to live out the Heroic Minute. Jesus did too! (Minus the snooze button, of course). Mark’s Gospel 1:35 gives us the following account of Jesus:What do we learn when we examine the verses which surround this account of Jesus rising early and praying?We see that Jesus led a busy life. On the evening before (St. Mark makes a point in stressing “after sunset” Mk 1:32), we read how Jesus cured many people of illnesses and set free those who were possessed by demons. It had been a long night for the Lord.  In spite of that, he still made a point to rise before dawn to spend time alone, praying. We live in a busy world – most of us can attest to late nights trying to fit in all the tasks that we are responsible for. Yet, Jesus’ example demonstrates that time with God does need to come first. A lot of people needed Jesus. In the following two verses (Mk 1:36-37), we read how “Simon and those who were with him pursued