Coupla gigs coming up:First: I will be at the University of Washington Newman Center tonight at 7:00, talking about the theological foundations of Catholic Social Teaching.  This is one of the fruits of the Vocare Movement project to teach the entire Compendium on the Church’s Social doctrine.  We will have twelve different people writing study guide materials on the twelve chapters of the Compendium. I tackled Chapter One. Here is a short little super-condensed take on that chapter. The Study Guide is more in-depth.Abp. Sartain here in Seattle has agreed to write an introduction to the project too. I’m really tickled to see John Geis’ vision for Vocare taking off. There have already been a bunch of chapter meetings all around Washington and there will be monthly meetings as the project continues and grows. And we’ve gotten Dean Martin to do our theme song!Contact Vocare if you are interested in more details. Catholic Social Teaching, which is full of common sense and love, is the Church’s best kept secret. We aims to change that.Hope to see you at Newman tonight!Second: I will be at St. Paul’s parish (10001 – 57th Ave S., Seattle) to discuss Mary, Mother of the Son on October 19 at 3:00 PM. Hope to see you there too!