…that it promoted him to Executive Director of the South Carolina GOP:Oh, but that’s not all:A number of media outlets detailed a range of inflammatory messages he posted to his Twitter account[11][12] in 2013, which include mocking Florida shooting victim Trayvon Martin[13] and saying that transgendered people should be placed in a concentration-style camp.[2][14][15] He also posted to his Twitter account that it’s a shameMichael Prysner, an Iraq war veteran turned anti-war organizer, “didn’t come home in a body bag.”[16] His Twitter account was suspended in late 2013.[11][17] In early 2014, he created a new Twitter account named “Todd__Kincannon”, on which he allegedly made sexist and homophobic statements, many referencing Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis in defamatory ways.[18][19][20] The traditionalist conservative author Rod Dreher highlighted tweets in which Kincannon, identifying himself as a Southern Baptist, labeled Dreher (who isEastern Orthodox) a “papist” and compared infant baptism to Chinese water torture. [21] He also received backlash for boasting to the father of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl that he would attempt to convince the attorney general to pursue capital punishment for his son.[22] In September, 2014, Kincannon tweeted that football player Ray Ricewas justified in beating his fiancé.[23] In October of the same year, Kincannon posted a series of tweets advocating summary execution for anyone contracting the Ebola virus, and blaming “the people of Africa” for its spread: “They could stop eating each other and learn calculus at any time”.[24]Now, I know what you are thinking.  Just because a man spends six years in the SC GOP and rises to the level of Executive Director of the Party of Personal Responsibility and wins the trust and admiration of his constituents does *not* mean that the Party of Personal Responsibility is responsible for giving him a position of trust and leadership.  Nothing the Party of Personal Responsibility does wrong is *ever* the fault of that party.  Indeed, I’m totally sure all of this lunacy was totally, *totally* without warning *at all* during that entire