Head on over to check out my latest post in Catholic Lane’s weekly series “Front Row With Francis” which provides reflections on the Holy Father’s weekly audiences. This week, the Pope reflected on the charisms, their definition and our use of them to build up the Church.  The Holy Father’s words personally challenged me and have led me to examine my own heart and life to see whether I am truly grateful for all the gifts that God has given me and if I am using them as he designed – to build up his Body, the Church.  Front Row With Francis: Charisms in the ChurchWhile preparing to write this post – I came upon this powerful quote from Pope Benedict XVI challenging the young people present at World Youth Day in Sydney!  What a different world we would live in if every Baptized Catholic lived out our Holy Fathers’ (both of them) words.  Read More Related Posts Here:Front Row With Francis: On BaptismFront Row With Francis: The Path To Unity