…is met with, “Yeah?  So What?” by his readers.I hate being right all the time.Let’s review, in order to prepare for the future, where making consent the sole criterion of the good will lead (here, here, and here).It will lead, not to the triumph of personal autonomy and a golden age of Total Sexual Liberation, but to the domination of the weak by the strong, as it indeed, already is doing economically and will eventually do in every nook and cranny of life, including sex.The normal room temperature state of fallen man’s social relationships with one another are master/slave. This was true for the entire history of the human race absolutely everywhere, until well into the Christian era. Christianity only managed to extirpate slavery with a centuries-long effort, full of fits, starts, and backward steps and the victory has always been tenuous at best.  Get rid of Christ and slavery will return very swiftly, as indeed it already is.  Incest will not be the bottom of our slide.  The question “What’s so sacrosanct about consent?” will be the bottom.  And a civilization that  has carefully scrubbed from its mind and heart the concept that a victim under the jackboot of a master is made in the image and likeness of God will be a civilization ill-prepared to reply when the man in the jackboot spits out that question before grinding the face of his victim with his boot.

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