A leader in gun culture offers rationales for maintaining the status quo so tortured that even he does not undertand them and finally winds up so pretzeled in his logic that he agrees with his interlocutor:Meanwhile, another day, another family slaughtered. The death toll is now eight, six of them children. To which gun culture says, “Whooptidoo”.Gun culture wants *no* solutions. It wants no change whatsoever, which is why such stories are *never* met by gun culture with an active desire to seek such solutions, but instead are met with sophistries, foot dragging, and mantras of “give up, don’t try, won’t work”. It talks every time, so as to make clear that the slaughter is acceptable losses and *sneers* at “emotionalism” when normal people cry out, “Dear God, this has to change.” Gun culture is all about making sure that *nothing* ever changes. Ever.